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Inside Italy’s Shadow Economy By Elizabeth Paton and Milena Lazazzera

In recent years, some luxury companies have started to bring production back to Puglia, Mr. Fumarola said. But he believed that power is still firmly in the hands of the brands, not suppliers already operating on wafer-thin margins. The temptation for factory owners to then use sub-suppliers or home workers, or save money by defrauding their workers or the government, was hard to resist.

Add to that a longstanding antipathy for regulation, high instances of irregular unemployment and fragmented systems of employment protection, and the fact that nonstandard employment has been significantly liberalized by successive labor market reforms since the mid-1990s, and the result is further isolation for those working on the margins.

Italy has not got a national minimum wage.


The Youth Guarantee country by country

All EU countries have presented comprehensive Youth Guarantee Implementation Plans, complying with the deadlines set by the European Council.

The plans identify precisely the measures to be taken to implement the Youth Guarantee. They outline the timeframe for youth employment reforms and measures, the roles of public authorities and other organisations, and how it will be financed.

Please see the country fiches for a detailed assessment of the Youth Guarantee implementation in each country.

Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy By JACK EWING AUG. 6, 2014

“The most important reason for the persistently weak economic activity in Italy,” Mr. Wagner said, “are the country’s enormous structural problems, such as the rigid labor market, wages that are rising too quickly, high taxes for businesses and inefficient public administration.”


Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy

Italian Government to launch a public administration reform,

http://Italian Government to launch a public administration reform/2014/06/10/italian-government-to-launch-a-public-administration-reform/?utm_source=EurActiv+Newsletter&utm_campaign=578e9f83bb-Bmail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bab5f0ea4e-578e9f83bb-245775009

Matteo Renzi’s Government wants to encourage labour mobility, even without previous consent. But employees could keep the same salary and would not be forced to leave their geographical region.

Workers who approach retirement should not stay at work any longer. By doing so, the Government hopes to secure 10.000 jobs for young people.

Futhermore, Madia wants to foster part time jobs promoting work-life balance, notably for women. Madia is a mother of two children and her younger daughter was born right after she was appointed Minister.

In Italy thousands of employees still work with temporary contracts. Even Minister Madia has talked about a shameful and an umbearable situation.