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The economic crisis has boosted growth in high-wage jobs by Eurofound

…the sectors with most growth in employment, health and education, are primarily dominated by women, and tend to have jobs with higher hourly pay rates.



Youngest MEP: ‘EU unemployment schemes have no value’

Youth unemployment has been Europe’s most pressing issue over the past years. What is your assessment of the situation?

I think the role the EU can play here is helping bring growth back. I think the only way and the best way Europe can do this is by developing a single market. The single market has been a success and needs to be developed further.

But I don’t think that social mechanisms or structural funds will help anything. 28 different countries have been hit differently by the crisis and I think the way out must be an individual solution for each country. A European solution is not the good approach; it needs to be dealt with in different ways.

So programmes like the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) are not helping Danish youngsters who are looking for a job?

I haven’t heard of anyone using the programme. I think things like the Guarantee schemes only work if you have you can turn it into something of value and I don’t think that is the case with these structures. I think it is more of a politician’s solution to say they’ve done something.

Would I end the programmes? Well, I think it is always a good goal for politicians that we have to find ways to increase jobs. I just don’t believe that it is a politician’s job to actually create jobs. That is up to the private sector. The only way to create this is to have a healthy private sector.

Our main goal is to provide jobs to disabled people from the town and the region.



Ten years before, due to the European support through the PHARE pre-accession Programme and the European Social Fund we started to modernise our businesses and to adapt our working environment to the special needs of people with disabilities.

Our main goal is to provide jobs to disabled people from the town and the region and to support their social integration with a special emphasis on the integration of disabled women.

Youth Guarantee – Youth Employment

Youth employment

Key actions

Fighting youth unemployment: An EU priority,EurActive

Fighting youth unemployment: An EU priority

A Youth Guarantee scheme, inspired by the national scheme in Finland, will be introduced by each EU country according to its individual need. It will apply to young people who are out of work for more than four months. It aims to give them a real chance to further their education, or get a job, apprenticeship or traineeship.

The proposals for implementation of the national schemes were supposed to be ready at the end of the year 2013, making the YEI fully operational by 1 January 2014. But by June 2014, only France had received an approval for its national scheme. The Commission will make funding available so that France can receive €620 million from the YEI and the European Social Fund (ESF).

A European labour market is slowly taking shape Posted by Eberhard Rhein

 In the future, we should expect more movements, driven by increasing scarcity of skilled labour in the wealthier countries like Germany and Scandinavia. Hopefully, this will progressively lead to a change of mentalities and better understanding: when migrant “workers” return home after five to ten years they will take with them a huge pack of experience and maybe the wish to open a business of their own. Labour migration might turn thus into powerful catalyst for a “European society.”

Italian Government to launch a public administration reform,

http://Italian Government to launch a public administration reform/2014/06/10/italian-government-to-launch-a-public-administration-reform/?utm_source=EurActiv+Newsletter&utm_campaign=578e9f83bb-Bmail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_bab5f0ea4e-578e9f83bb-245775009

Matteo Renzi’s Government wants to encourage labour mobility, even without previous consent. But employees could keep the same salary and would not be forced to leave their geographical region.

Workers who approach retirement should not stay at work any longer. By doing so, the Government hopes to secure 10.000 jobs for young people.

Futhermore, Madia wants to foster part time jobs promoting work-life balance, notably for women. Madia is a mother of two children and her younger daughter was born right after she was appointed Minister.

In Italy thousands of employees still work with temporary contracts. Even Minister Madia has talked about a shameful and an umbearable situation.