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Report on the European Parliament Preparatory Action on the Youth Guarantee (August 2015)

At the request of the European Parliament, the European Commission directly managed 18 small scale pilot projects in 7 Member States to test local partnerships for Youth Guarantee schemes (EP Preparatory Action).

The projects aimed to provide Member States with practical experience for implementing their national Youth Guarantee schemes.

The projects were launched between August and December 2013 and ran for one year in Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom.



Italian prime minister shakes up jobs market

To change this, the Prime Minister wants to make it easier to hire and fire workers, cut the number of temporary contracts and extend jobless benefits to more people, which he said would also help attract investment.

Staunch opposition

While many details remain vague, Renzi’s proposed reform plans have already pitted many members of his own Democratic Party against him and angered trade unions.

Critics claim that watering down employment protection rights would pull the rug from under new entries to an already wobbly job market.

Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy By JACK EWING AUG. 6, 2014

“The most important reason for the persistently weak economic activity in Italy,” Mr. Wagner said, “are the country’s enormous structural problems, such as the rigid labor market, wages that are rising too quickly, high taxes for businesses and inefficient public administration.”


Italy Falls Back Into Recession, Raising Concern for Eurozone Economy



In particular, these measures aim to:

  1. develop the skills of young people
  2. ensure that the work experience placements offer high quality safe, providing adequate training in terms of educational content and social protection
  3. improve the quality and supply of apprenticeship programs
  4. to give young people more opportunities to work and train abroad, promoting mobility in countries through the EURES network

Deadly Factory Fire Bares Racial Tensions in Italy By ELISABETTA POVOLEDO

Labor leaders say they have tried, in vain, to convince factory workers that they must fight for better conditions.

“If you want to build consensus, you have to offer them opportunities, residence permits, new jobs, show them it’s better to be legal,” said Manuele Marigolli, regional secretary of the CGIL, another large labor union. “Instead, when factories are raided, the workers are brought to the police station, fingerprinted and given a paper that tells them they have to leave Italy.”