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A World Without Work by DEREK THOMPSON

The paradox of work is that many people hate their jobs, but they are considerably more miserable doing nothing.

But as manufacturing shifted abroad after World War  II, Youngstown steel suffered, and on that gray September afternoon in 1977, Youngstown Sheet and Tube announced the shuttering of its Campbell Works mill. Within five years, the city lost 50,000 jobs and $1.3 billion in manufacturing wages. The effect was so severe that a term was coined to describe the fallout: regional depression. Youngstown was transformed not only by an economic disruption but also by a psychological and cultural breakdown. Depression, spousal abuse, and suicide all became much more prevalent; the caseload of the area’s mental-health center tripled within a decade.



European jobs and skills: A comprehensive review, 2014, AUTHORS: Tony Dolphin, Glenn Gottfried, Luke Raikes, Amna Silim, Spencer Thompson

Some groups have been finding it particularly hard to find work, not just since the recession but for many years. The European labour market has been polarising, with mid-skill jobs disappearing as high-skill and low-skill jobs take over.

Europe needs to significantly increase in its employment rate in order to tackle its cyclical and structural unemployment problems, and to create more high-productivity, well-paid jobs. To do so, we must do more to develop the skills of young people who do not go through university, and to help individuals to update their skills throughout their working lives. At the same time, people need to be incentivised to acquire new skills and firms must be encouraged to utilise those skills.


Young and Educated in Europe, but Desperate for Jobs

“Those are Great Depression-like rates of unemployment, and there is no sign that European economies, still barely emerging from recession, are about to generate the jobs necessary to bring those Europeans into the work force soon, perhaps in their lifetimes.

Dozens of interviews with young people around the Continent reveal a creeping realization that the European dream their parents enjoyed is out of reach. It is not that Europe will never recover, but that the era of recession and austerity has persisted for so long that new growth, when it comes, will be enjoyed by the next generation, leaving this one out.” By 


Generation Jobless

“By all accounts the problem is only going to get worse.  Especially since the key players in Canada –universities, employers and governments – are not working together to find a solution.  Canada is the only country in the world without a national body responsible for  education and is seen as one of the most decentralized and fragmented countries in the world when it comes to helping young people make a smooth entry into the world of work. 

The documentary takes viewers to Switzerland where the youth unemployment rate is 2.8% – the lowest in the developed world.  Here the idea of young people graduating with degrees and unable to find jobs is virtually unheard of.  Dr. Stefan Wolter, Director of the Coordination Centre For Research In Education, explains how all levels of government, educators and employers, work together to ensure that education and training are linked to employment.”