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Examples of European Social Fund Projects

The ESF is funding tens of thousands of projects across the Union that make a real difference to the lives of millions of individuals. Here you can find some examples.


EU Debate on the Single Market – Jobs


Between 23 September and 23 October 2013 you can use this website to connect with businesses, organisations, policy-makers and EU leaders to discuss how to improve the Single Market. The EU wants to hear your views on four themes: JobsSocial rightsBanks and E-commerce. One week will be dedicated to each theme.

  • Send us your ideas and comment on, vote for and share those of others.
  • Take part in online chats with EU leaders to pose your questions and discuss your ideas.

We will collect the most promising ideas at the end of the campaign and these could feed into the EU laws of tomorrow.  


A Generation Out of Luck by Gary Lapon

“… the class of 2013–the young women and men who were submitting college applications in the fall of 2008 as the world financial system came to the brink of Armageddon following the collapse of Lehman Brothers–are facing a future that of uncertainty and diminished prospects.”


A few employment reforms from Italy’s Ministry

“The decree to amend last summer’s Fornero employment reform by making fixed-term contracts flexible again is on the way. Then comes the key second stage with an attempt to boost youth employment. The main tool is the generational handover, the mechanism that eases older workers out in exchange for new hirings of younger people and which could involve public-sector employees. Other measures contemplated are incentives for businesses to hire young people, tax credits to flesh out the wage packets of the lower paid, a margin of flexibility in the other Fornero (pension) reform and a shakeup for job centres, which are expected to adopt the European mechanism – and funds – of the youth guarantee scheme, aimed at training and employment for the under-25s.”